Rain International Soul Terms & Conditions

The following are conditions to accessing and interacting with both the website and Rain International Soul members.

We collect your email and other information in order to build business relationships with both (1) Those interested in working within our distribution channel building their own "downline" of individuals that would use our product (2) Others with intent of purchasing product only.

All communication is intended to freely give information on Rain International and it's flagship product Soul. Other information given on health benefits, reviews/testimonials are all authentic and non-fabricated stories. Individuals giving testimonials do so of their own free will and release any copyright on their end.

The intent of any email you might receive is with the intent to inform, educate and give examples of success in both using and distributing the Rain Soul product. You have the right to opt-out of my email list by clicking the opt-out link at the bottom of the email.

We reserve the right to the overall content and persons should seek permission before using it for their own promotional purposes. Any information, testimonials taken from this site www.raininternationalsoul.co have been sourced and not claimed to be of our own creation.

Rain International Soul works directly for our parent company Rain International LLC located in Springville, UT. We do not claim to be the official company but work in a partnership basis with the parent entity.

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