Rain® Soul Drink

First Supplement of its Kind

Soul is the first product in the entire seed-based nutrition category in the network marketing industry. This product invented the category and is changing supplements by not featuring just one exotic plant or fruit, but the most concentrated source of nutrition of many plants–their seeds.*


Soul features the nutritive ingredients of the black cumin seed, the black raspberry seed, and the chardonnay grape seed.


Rain’s ingredients are non-genetically modified organisms, meaning that they don’t have lab-altered DNA to include harmful pesticides that are later ingested and absorbed by people. The nutrition in them is what came from nature naturally.

Gold Certified by Brunswick Labs

Brunswick Labs, an independent bioanalytical laboratory serving the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, has found Soul to be an effective nutritional supplement that supplies powerful antioxidants and promotes health. Soul’s formula provides a synergistic blend of omega-3s and -6s and D-ribose.


Soul’s benefits are potent due to the cold-press process which does not damage the nutrition found in seeds, unlike harsh chemical or high heat processes. These benefits include: increased energy, neutralizing free radicals with powerful antioxidants, immunity support, better sleep, effective exercise recovery, and the list goes on.* Soul has third party research and testing that continues to impress. The Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant testing results amaze even the independent labs!

One of the biggest benefits of Rain Soul is the work it is able to do against inflammation. Black cumin seed, according to Web MD, is brilliant on lowering inflammation.  Its natural properties help heal compromised intestinal systems… and with a healthy gut we are able to digest and absorb our food and the nutrition that the body requires.

Rain Soul as an “Energy Drink”

Rain Soul isn’t what most consider the typical energy drink spiked with sugar and caffeine.  SOUL naturally assists your body by helping with blood circulation which will in turn energize your body without the crash.

Soul also penetrates the blood brain barrier feeding vital nutrition immediately to the brain cells, and who couldn’t use more blood and energy to the brain!

Rain International’s Story

It’s a simple concept, and you’re going to love it. We’ve taken the natural goodness of Mother Nature and infused a seed’s nutrient rich properties into unique products formulated to provide maximum health and healing. This is Seed Nutrition!

The Black Cumin Seed

Found within our products is the black cumin seed. For more than 3000 years, civilizations and notable names in antiquity have praised the black cumin seed’s abilities to promote good health.

Modern science is now realizing what a nutritional powerhouse this seed is, with its complex host of antioxidants and health promoting organic compounds.

Research shows that black cumin seeds are loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. These natural and beneficial acids are known to support and repair cell membranes.*

Unlocking Nature

The secret of our products isn’t just the seeds, but also how we unlock the potent and nutritional compounds found within each one. We use a unique cold-press process to carefully extract and preserve each seed’s life-giving and healing nutrients.

The Whole Seed

Our cold-press process separates essential oils found within the seed from its shell. These two compounds are then reintroduced into our products.
This way the entire seed is used, resulting in the most powerful health-infused supplement available from nature.

Pure Concentration

Our cold-press process ensures each seed provides the maximum concentration of nutrition; including the seed’s antioxidants, phytosteroids, essential fatty acids, phospholipids, and dissolved minerals.

Rain International’s Soul FAQ

Rain International has provided groundbreaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011.

In case you missed it, Rain International’s mission is simple: to help people all over the world achieve health and wealth. We strive to achieve this mission each and every day through our tireless research, amazing partner/distributor support and training, and our ongoing innovation.

Simply put, no.  Rain International is a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our unique nutritional enhancement products across the globe!  Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued channel growth, Rain International’s products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and more.

Just visit our Rain Soul Partner page to learn how you can enhance both your health and prosperity with the Rain International way of life.  All of the members of our leadership team are or have been distributors themselves.  We take pride in being a company made by distributors, for distributors.

Why not!  Simply put, seeds are the foundation for life.  Seeds have been the basis of health for thousands of years. Cultures even worshiped seeds for their healing and nutritive powers.  Thanks to our research, we’ve been able to take these nutritive values and apply them as the foundation for each of our supplement products.  You can learn more about that by visiting our  Rain Soul Ingredients page.

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