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Sharing the TRUTH About Health

I don’t view myself as someone that just distributes health supplements for money… it’s actually very personal.

As my family and I have dramatically improved our health over the past several years through products such as Rain Soul and others… we have  really “bought into” our healthy lifestyle and love the way our bodies are responding.

My ten year old daughter told me recently that she was proud of the work that I do in selling and promoting products that I know will help people with their health.  That was special to me because I have unfortunately sold items in my career that I have not been really behind personally and am thankful to be spreading good to others rather than just selling a product to make a buck.

I Am Putting Together a Team

I am looking for good people to work with in sharing the truth about our body’s health and to help others in taking their first steps towards living and feeling better.  At this time, it is more vital than ever to take your health into your own hands.  

The biggest advantage to working with me is that I have experience in internet marketing (My LinkedIn Profile).  My plan is to help myself and others grow domestically and in international markets that I am already involved in.  In order to do this however I need good people that have the ability to self organize, are willing to learn, and can follow-through in getting results.

If you are interested in doing something that will boost your health and finances and assist in raising the level of wellness for mankind … I’d love to hear from you.  You can explore the start-up packages available for partners at myrainlife.com/brandondouglas. Feel free to sign up and we’ll help you get started or just fill out the contact form below and so we can explore the possibilities of pooling our resources:



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Rain Soul MLM

My thinking on MLM marketing has changed through being associated with Rain International.  I used to have the following issues with those that approached me with an “MLM Opportunity”:

  • Companies overselling the value of products
  • People on the top only getting rich and deceiving the little guys
  • Recruitment is the true focus and NOT product sales
  • People must pay far too much money upfront in order to get into the “downline”
  • “Get rich quick” is emphasized and NOT work, value and identifying win-win scenarios
  • Taking advantage of people that are easily manipulated
  • Willing to “shine-on” anyone with a pulse telling them they are destined for greatness

These issues are very true in many MLM instances… and some of my friends that have gotten involved have gotten burned.

But can the model be done correctly?  And if so, it is far more empowering to be making 50% of the profits regardless of it being MLM-based.  MLM or not… as a business professional 50% is a partnership and well worth the efforts to build up, when your partner is willing to provide a brand name product, financial backing, product fulfillment, and jump through all the hoops that are required in entering new international markets!  That is a ton of work.

I have negotiated partnerships with big companies before in rev-share opportunities… I never saw anything close to 50%.  It was always around 10-15% if I was lucky and I had to negotiate that up from 5% in some instances of cheap companies I’ve worked with in the past.

I love the opportunity for me just to focus in on what I do best which is internet marketing, lead generation and back-end sales.  Let everybody else worry about all of the other business stuff that I can’t stand to do or would have to manage someone else doing if I owned the company.

So MLM structure or not… dealing with Rain International works for me.  Of course I don’t go about my business like the “normal” MLMer that has absolutely no business background.  Also, it has been nice to join a company on fire without having to put in the upfront due diligence that is required in launching a brand new product.

I am interested in empowering others to do the same thing so please contact me in the form above and I look forward to working with you.

– Brandon

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