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By purchasing from this website, you agree to all of the Terms and Privacy conditions. If you do not agree, please do not request to purchase from is an authorized distributor of corporate distributor Rain International™, sole manufacturer of SOUL™ which uses proprietary seed technology involving black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, grape chardonnay seed and D-Ribose.

It is not our intention to pose by any means as Rain International LLC.™, but function solely as a sales and marketing distributor for said company. We do not own the rights, trademarks of SOUL™ or any other of Rain International™'s seed-based product line including Core™, Form™ and Fused™.

Working as a partner, is a licensed brand name and should not be used outside of the permission of ownership.

1. Authorized Distributor for Rain International™
All Rain™ products are developed, manufactured and distributed by the corporate offices based out of Pleasant Grove, UT. As an authorized distributor I am operating as a seperate entity ( and there should be no confusion that the product you receive will be the same you find on the corporate website Rain International™

2. Authorized to offer discounts
As a sole proprietor and reseller of the SOUL™ product line I am within my rights to set the pricing as I see fit even if is below corporate suggested retail made available through the corporate retail website.

Any questions prior to making a formal request with intention to purchase product can be made to

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10 Day Sampler: Soul by Rain International™

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$24.95 USD