Rain Soul a Natural Pain Killer

The thing I love about Rain Soul is that you can actually reduce your pain and inflammation without killing your liver and stomach. neck painI used to be in so much back and neck pain from a six car pile up accident that I would consume so much Ibuprofen that in turn would upset my stomach and didn’t really take care of my pain. At the time I was 21 and thought I could just tough it out. By the time I was 23 the pain got so severe that I was having migraines with black spots and was unable to work. I went to a chiropractic for about 10 years, used ice/heat and traction. This helped me cope with it but that’s a long time to “cope”.
Mostly I just dealt with it. I wish I had this product back then because I believe I would have recovered so much faster and suffered much less. Rain Soul gives your body what it needs to heal itself and from what I have seen people are healing faster and without the side-effects of pain killers and without the addiction that can come from constant use of pain killers. Over the years I had many many doctors subscribe muscle relaxants and pain killers, but I wouldn’t take them for more than a day or two for fear of developing an addiction. Don’t we all know someone who is addicted to pain pills? I know it kind-of scared me. It hits pretty close to home for me. My brother has a major addiction that started with pain pills. He’s gone down the road of addiction pretty far and it’s devastating to see. Numbing pain was the biggest factor for him. But pain doesn’t have to ruin our lives if dealt with in a safe and helpful way. I love what Rain Soul does. Ideally everyone could have a box on hand in place of pain pills. What is the pain killer doing anyway? It just numbs the brain to think there isn’t a problem. Long-term you aren’t really doing anything for yourself. This product is a huge blessing for people who have been dealing with pain and want to get better. I got one of those headaches after about four years without them. When that throbbing, “don’t move a muscle” pain came on I took two rain soul packets and after 10 minutes the pain was gone and I was fully functional. That works for me!

Finally the Pain Relief I was Looking For

neck pain There are tons of testimonials. A woman I talked with that works with the company now took the product because of arthritis in her hand. After taking it for 30 days she felt like a vice grip on her hand had been removed. Of course after that she wanted to share what she found with everyone. Tammi H. says, “After 3 days and upping myself to 2 packs…. I am just amazed. I had some type of chronic neck pain that I could not get rid of. I had been prescribed muscle relaxers. I was taking over the counter anti-inflammatories. Nothing worked. It even started affecting my sleep. I was totally miserable. I was getting pressure from my health care provider to get an xray which (I’m a nurse, so I know the process), could only lead to a neurosurgeon referral if there’s something wrong. Rain stopped the pain! Completely! I cannot begin to explain the relief I have from almost being in tears everyday! It has also corrected a bowel issue I had, stomach problems, headaches. It has even helped my depression and stopped my insomnia. I can tell it is working on my diabetes and high blood pressure too” That says a lot, and she’s a nurse. What do you do with this kind of information? I think it’s kind-of AMAZING! It makes me excited and I love sharing this with people I know who are having major health issues. But I know not everyone wants this kind of help. Some people haven’t gone down the road far enough to see where it ends or maybe haven’t experienced real challenging health issues yet to appreciate this great find. Or maybe they are too tied into what “the doctor prescribes”, or scared away by the supplemental conspiracy hype that were all trying to sell you something to GET YOUR MONEY! Ah ah aha! (evil laugh) Yeah right. It works. You can’t fabricate the fact that you aren’t feeling any more pain. All I know is I’m thrilled to discover something that absolutely works! I know Rain Soul can help you as well…but if your happy with your current prescription that’s ok too. Just keep this one in mind. Someday you might be desperate enough to try something else. Jenny Click Here to Experience Pain Relief for Yourself!

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