About Me

Hey hey… I’m Brandon.  I work as an internet marketing professional and have been involved with working full-time on the internet since 2001.  I have a focus on international countries in Asia and emerging markets such as the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

I pride myself in business as someone that is creative, easy to work with, and I have an ability to discover trends and patterns in order to maximize opportunity . I have never worked with an MLM-based company (although I have been approached repeatedly because of my entrepreneurial background) but am actually really excited to be working with Rain International because of the international opportunity and the overall quality of the product.

I have been dealing with health products and selling them online for over 8 years now.  So I have experience in evaluating products and what sells and what won’t.  I was so blown away by the Rain® Soul Drink and it’s benefits that I have become a distributor partner with the intent of building teams in every country that Rain International is doing business.

My Personal Life

A little about me outside of business… I was a collegiate athlete in Water Polo which gave me my love for exercise and nutrition.  Polo is an extremely demanding sport and I still play it to this day on occasion when I feel a glutton for punishment.

My wife Jenny has gotten our family into organic living and we have grown to enjoy somewhat of a throw-back lifestyle.  We’re not addicted to cell phones (in fact we rarely carry one and if we do I end up losing it) and we don’t have a television in the house.  But before you think we’re completely weird and anti-technology we do a ton of online streaming on Netflix and hit the movie theater a ton.

Douglas' at the Park

Douglas’ at the Park

Music is also a big passion for both Jenny and myself;  I’m more of a rock n’ roller and where Jenny has performed with some pretty prestigious choirs in venues such as The Hollywood Bowl, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA and Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City.  I continue to write and perform as an acoustic solo performer

Embracing Natural Health

We’ve also both had our share of tragedy in our lives and having lost a parent we were close to in our early 20’s; my father experienced a heart attack at age 51 and Jenny’s mom passed away from breast cancer at age 43.  This was a big catalyst to our starting to research nutrition, improving our lifestyle and exploring alternative medicine over the past 12 years.

So we have a little extra incentive to stay healthy for each other and our children, but it is also a very liberating way to live.  As we get older and still have our youth and vigor I am thankful we’ve made the changes to our diets and lifestyle that we have.  I encourage you to read our site and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

– Brandon